Realized transports

  • Boring rig for platform in the Caspian Sea from Poland to Karadag (Azerbaidzhan) –    multimodal transport by trucks and railways
  • Electric cable drums (weight 300 kgs up to 9 T) from Spain and Germany to Kazakhstan by road and railways, more than 200 wagons
  • Press machine 78 T from Prague to Samara (Russia)
  • Technological equipments for aluminium factory Alcoa from the port St. Petersburg to Samara, 130 x 20´ containers
  • More than 200 living houses from Czekh republic to Novy Urengoy (Russia)
  • Karosa buses from Czekh republic to Kazakhstan for oil company
  • Ambulances FIAT from Italy to Kazakhstan for AGIP
  • Mobile boring rigs from Czekh republic to Kyzyl-Orda (Kazakhstan)